Roller Engraving

Creating embossing rolls is a specialist production calling on the skills of creative time-served craftsmen.

We make embossed rollers using the traditional process of machine engraving and chemical etching as well as the modern process of laser engraving.

We can engrave single, male to female (steel to steel) embossing rollers for use with a wide range of materials including paper, plastics, leather, glass, foils, tissue, PVC, rubber, textiles and many more. 

Our rollers can be turned and ground, chrome plated, matt or mirror finished to the highest of standards.

Our embossing rolls have benchmarked industries for decades.  We can manufacture new cylinder bases, or work with customers to refurbish and repair existing roll stock.  Our years of experience enable us to provide the most appropriate advice for any project.

We have a library of stock master tools for all designs which we can re-engrave / repair on customers engraved cylinders or engrave a complete new cylinder with these designs.

We have machines able to accommodate up to roll sizes:

4440mm length x 400mm diameter

3800mm length x 620mm diameter

Roll Manufacture

We can manufacture rolls from drawings, or design to customer specifications, whichever best suits our customers’ needs.

We routinely produce rolls for coating, laminating, printing, embossing, heat transfer, and web transfer for products ranging from light films to heavy gauge metals.

Rolls can be surfaced with copper, nickel, chrome, or thermal spray coatings including various types of ceramic. Super finishing to 0 RMS is also available.

Embossing roller design is an important aspect of the converting process that can make the difference between exceptional product performance and just another consumer option.

Ply Bonding Wheels

Embossing Rollers can also produce ply bonding wheels for use in the tissue industry.

For more information about how Embossing Rollers Ltd can help you with Roller Engraving or Manufacture get in touch today.