Repair & Refurbishment

Repair & Refurbishment

In addition to applying patterns to new rolls, we can provide a cost-effective, supplemental service that extends the lifespan of embossing rolls. We provide this service for rolls that are supplied by our customers.

We provide a high-quality refurbishment service for embossing rolls that may have lost some of their original pattern crispness or that have suffered damage and wear over time. Rather than starting from scratch with a new roll, we are able to return the old roll to the flawless appearance required by converters.

Why Refurbish?

With traditional engraving, we can refurbish the roller many times extending the life after wear or damage for many years which saves on the cost of manufacturing a new roller.

What is Involved?

Our refurbishment service includes roll inspection, journal repair, and removal of the old patterns ready for the updated or repaired patterns. We can maximise the lifespan of a roll without removing large amounts of metal during the refurbishment.

The craftsmen at Embossing Rollers combine their expertise in engraving roll refurbishment with custom roll engraving to provide refreshed roll assets that perform just as well, if not better, than the originals.

80 Years of Embossing Experience

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