Other Services

Working with our partners we are also able to supply the following services:

Anilox Rollers

Anilox rollers are a specialised and traditional form of engraving comprising a full spectrum of high quality engraved rollers.

We can refurbish existing anilox rollers or supply a new base engraved to your specific requirements. Rollers are finished with chrome plating for durability.

Embossing Rollers has an extensive screening library which ranges from a fine 250 L.P.I to a coarse 16 L.P.I to accommodate the flexographic, packaging and glue roller markets.

De-Chrome of rollers

We can offer customers a roller de-chrome service.

Chrome Finish

90% of the rolls we engrave are chrome plated. Not only does chrome prevent corrosion, but it is also harder than the underlying carbon steel. This allows the texture on your cylinders to last longer – reducing operating cost and optimising machine utilisation.

A natural hard chrome finish can also be treated with a matt finish to reduce the gloss level.

We can also supply cylinders to a chrome mirror finish. 

Rubber Rolls

We can supply various types of rubber rollers including a refurbishment service.

Roll Grinding and Turning

Roll grinding is an integral part of the business. If a roll body doesn’t start with a good surface finish the pattern is irrelevant.
Old rolls will also need to be ground to apply a new pattern. When the textured surface of the roll is removed it will enable us to engrave the new pattern and helps to extend the life.

Turning is another way to remove the texture from a roller. This process will remove more metal at a faster rate compared to grinding.

For more information about how Embossing Rollers Ltd can help you with any of our services get in touch today.

Roll Manufacture

We can manufacture rolls from drawings, or design to customer specifications, whichever best suits our customers’ needs.

We routinely produce rolls for coating, laminating, printing, embossing, heat transfer, and web transfer for products ranging from light films to heavy gauge metals.

Rolls can be surfaced with copper, nickel, chrome, or thermal spray coatings including various types of ceramic. Super finishing to 0 RMS is also available.

Embossing roller design is an important aspect of the converting process that can make the difference between exceptional product performance and just another consumer option.